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(VIDEO) Iran Dispatches 400 “High-Precision” Ballistic Missiles to Russia

(VIDEO) According to military experts, the surface-to-surface missiles from the "Zolfaghar" family, such as the Fateh-110 sent by Iran to Russia, are capable of striking targets with precision from distances ranging between 300km to 700km.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — Iran has reportedly dispatched approximately 400 high-powered surface-to-surface missiles to Russia, marking another indication of the increasingly close defense and military relations between the two countries.

 This shipment of surface-to-surface missiles is expected to bolster Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine.

Six sources cited by the international news agency Reuters stated that most of the short-range surface-to-surface missiles were from the “Fateh-110” family, including the “Zolfaghar.”

According to military experts, the surface-to-surface missiles sent from Iran to Russia are capable of striking targets with precision from distances ranging between 300km to 700km.

Reports indicate that Iran began sending these surface-to-surface missiles to Russia last month following negotiations between the two parties in Tehran and Moscow that concluded last year.

 Iran is believed to have used ships in the Caspian Sea route and transport aircraft to deliver the missiles to Russia.

Tehran is also expected to continue sending missiles and various other weapon systems to Russia in the coming months.

Meanwhile, the White House administration in the United States has issued a stern warning from the international community if reports of the missile shipments from Iran to Russia are confirmed to be true.

Iranian missile launches


White House National Security spokesperson John Kirby stated that it is known that the two sides have been negotiating about surface-to-surface missiles, but there has been no confirmation of such dealings thus far.

He added that the United States would bring the matter to the United Nations Security Council and propose that Tehran be subjected to additional arms sanctions to prevent further weapons shipments from Iran to Moscow.

In support of Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine, Iran and North Korea are reported to have sent various types of weaponry to assist their ally, including unmanned aerial vehicles, artillery shells, rockets, and more.

Among these is the Iran-made “Shahed-136” suicide drone, which has been effectively used by Russia to attack cities and critical infrastructure in Eastern Europe. — DSA