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Iran Reveals “Talaiyeh” Cruise Missile: Hits Targets 1,000 KM Away

Iranian Navy Commander, Admiral Shahram Irani, stated that the latest cruise missile received by the country's navy, "Talaiyeh," is a sophisticated weapon system with the capability to alter its course mid-flight and strike targets up to 1,000 km away.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — In the midst of escalating tensions in the Middle East due to the conflict between Palestine and Israel, the Iranian Navy today showcased its latest weaponry, including cruise missiles, kamikaze drones, and reconnaissance helicopters.

The Iranian Navy is also reported to have received surface-to-surface missiles and systems for detecting and tracking foreign divers in its waters.

According to state media, among the new weapons received by the Iranian Navy are the cruise missiles “Talaiyeh” and “Nasir,” which are expected to be used by Tehran in the event of an armed conflict.

 The reception ceremony for the cruise missiles and other weapons took place at the country’s naval base in Konarak, approximately 1,400 km from the capital, Tehran, coinciding with heightened tensions between Tehran and Washington.

A few days ago, the United States Department of Defense accused Iran of launching kamikaze drones from its territory at a chemical-laden ship in the Indian Ocean, near India.

Iran’s “Talaiyeh” cruise missile and its launcher


Iran, however, denied these allegations.

According to the Iranian Navy, “Talaiyeh” is a modern cruise missile capable of altering its flight path mid-course, whether targeting at sea or on land.

On the other hand, the guided cruise missile “Nasir” has the capability to hit targets up to 100 km away and is equipped on warships.

Commander of the Iranian Navy, Admiral Shahram Irani, stated that the latest guided cruise missiles received by the navy are sophisticated weapon systems with the ability to hit targets up to 1,000 km away.

 The “Talaiyeh” cruise missile is believed to have been developed by the Aerospace Industries Organization (AIO), an agency of the Iranian Ministry of Defense.

“Nasir” cruise missile


Analysts suggest that the design of the “Talaiyeh” cruise missile is likely based on Russia’s KH-55 cruise missile, reverse-engineered by Iranian weapon experts under a project called “Meshkat.”

The KH-55, developed in the early 1970s, is an Air Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM) capable of carrying nuclear warheads and hitting targets up to 2,500 km away.

Iran’s development of the “Talaiyeh” guided cruise missile is seen as a response to the American Tomahawk cruise missile.

The “Talaiyeh” can be launched from warships and land-based launchers, categorizing it as a strategic missile.

 It is equipped with a 400 kg explosive payload to ensure maximum destruction upon hitting its target.

Russia’s KH-55 cruise missile
U.S “Tomahawk” cruise missile


Only a few countries possess the capability to develop such strategic guided missiles, and Iran is among them, showcasing its technological prowess.

 In addition to the “Talaiyeh,” Iran has various other types of guided cruise missiles in its military arsenal.

Besides the “Talaiyeh” and the American “Tomahawk,” France also possesses a guided cruise missile called the Missile de Croisière Naval (MdCN), developed by the defense firm MBDA, with a range of 1,400 km. – DSA


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