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Iran Showcases Precision of “Khaybar Shekan” Ballistic Missile in Striking Targets in Iraq, Syria

Iranian media outlets have reported that among the ballistic missiles employed by Iran in last night's attack was the "Khaybar Shekan." This particular missile is a variant of the Fateh-110 guided ballistic missile, characterized by an extended firing range and the utilization of solid propellant.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — In what was seen as a “retaliatory” action, Iran has launched ballistic missile strikes targeting what it refers to as the “Israeli intelligence center” and “gatherings of anti-Iran groups” near the city of Erbil in northern Iraq and in Syria.

The ballistic missile attack on an ISIS training center in Aleppo, Syria, is characterized as Tehran’s longest-range ballistic missile strike, reaching 1,230 km, demonstrating Iran’s capability to accurately target distant locations using ballistic missile.

This missile strike occurred amid escalating tensions in the Middle East due to the conflict in Palestine, raising the possibility of the conflict spreading throughout the region.

According to Iranian media reports, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps reportedly launched 24 ballistic missiles at targets in northern Iraq and Syria in a retaliatory action for the killing of an Iranian military general and pro-Iran armed group commander.

The Iranian ballistic missile attack is also seen as a response to a suicide attack in Kermanshah that resulted in the deaths of approximately 100 civilians.

According to a statement by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Erbil missile strike destroyed one of Israel’s main intelligence centers in Erbil, which is the capital of the semi-autonomous Kurdistan region.

Khaybar Shekan
“Khaybar Shekan”


Several other locations in the city of Erbil were also targeted in the Iranian ballistic missile attack.

Among those killed was Kurdish businessman Peshraw Diyazee, reported to have close ties with Israel and significant business dealings with Israeli companies.

Four other members of Diyazee’s family were also killed in the attack on his luxurious villa in Erbil.

Iranian media reports indicate that among the ballistic missiles used in the attack was the “Khaybar Shekan.”

This guided ballistic missile is a variant of the Fateh-110 with an extended range and solid propellant.

According to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the “Khaybar Shekan” has a range of 1,450 km compared to its predecessor, Dezful, revealed to the public in February 2019, with a range of 1,000 km.

Kurdish busineesman, Peshraw Diyazee who is said to be close to Israel.
Peshraw Diyazee house was destroyed by Iran’s ballistic missile strike in Erbil.


The “Khaybar Shekan” ballistic missile is known for its precision and high speed, as demonstrated in the attacks on northern Iraq and Syria.

The explosive head of the guided missile reportedly travels at speeds between 7 to 9 Mach during the final phase of flight before hitting its target.

In addition to its high speed, the ballistic missile has a high level of agility to overcome enemy air defense systems. — DSA