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Ukraine Seeks to Acquire Turkey’s Fifth-Generation Fighter Jet “KAAN”

"We (Ukraine) will not only purchase the KAAN fighter jet, but we will also deploy it and we know where it will be utilized," stated Vasyl Bodnar, the Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIAS) — Ukraine is among the first nations to publicly express its desire to acquire Turkey’s fifth-generation fighter jet, named “KAAN,” which is slated for its inaugural flight soon.

 Ukraine’s interest in the “KAAN” fighter jet was confirmed by the Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey, Vasyl Bodnar, in a recent conversation with CNN Turk.

“We (Ukraine) will not only purchase the KAAN fighter jet, but we will also utilize it, and we know where it will be deployed,” he stated, adding that Ukraine is closely monitoring the development of the fifth-generation “KAAN” fighter jet.

Bodnar believes that the “KAAN” has the potential to compete with other fifth-generation fighter jets such as the American-made F-35 and F-22.

He described the development of the “KAAN” fighter jet as an exploration into the future.



The Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey also mentioned that teams from the Eastern European nation are continuing to collaborate with Turkish teams on the development of engines for the “KAAN” fifth-generation fighter jet.

“Ukrainian teams are actively participating in the KAAN project,” he said.

After several months of delay, the fifth-generation Turkish fighter jet “KAAN” is expected to make its first flight before the end of this March, according to the CEO of Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), Temel Kotil, as recently reported by local media.

Kotil noted that the “KAAN” fighter jet’s maiden flight is anticipated to occur before the end of March, as the aircraft undergoes “several more important tests.”

Previously, the “KAAN” fifth-generation fighter jet was scheduled to fly for the first time at the end of last December, but the flight was canceled at the last minute following ground and taxi tests.

The introduction of Turkey’s fifth-generation fighter jet, “KAAN,” demonstrates that Turkey does not require the F-35 fighter jet within its air force fleet, as it now possesses a next-generation alternative.



TAI, the main contractor for the “KAAN” fifth-generation fighter jet development program, is reported to be delivering 20 KAAN Block 10 fighter jets to the Turkish Air Force by 2028.

 By 2029, TAI is expected to produce two KAAN fighter jets per month, generating an estimated revenue of about $2.4 billion (RM9.6 billion) annually.

The fifth-generation KAAN fighter jet is set to replace more than 200 F-16 fighter jets currently in service with the Turkish Air Force.

Previously known as TF-X or National Combat Aircraft (MMU), the KAAN is almost entirely developed by Turkey’s domestic defense industry, except for a few components such as the ejection seat, engine, and joystick, which will be replaced with Turkish-made components as the project advances.

 Preliminary data suggests that the “KAAN” fighter jet will have a Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) of 27,200kg and can reach a maximum speed of Mach 2. — DSA