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Singapore Upgrades Capabilities of Its AH-64D Apache Attack Helicopters

The Chief of the Singapore Air Force, Major General Kelvin Khong, stated that the republic's Apache AH-64D attack helicopters will undergo the Service Life Extension Program (SLEP), which involves upgrading their capabilities.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) – The Singapore Air Force is reportedly set to further enhance the capabilities of its AH-64D Apache attack helicopters through an upgrade program that aims to keep these helicopters operational into the 2030s.

Speaking to international defense media on the sidelines of the Singapore Air Show 2024, the Chief of the Republic’s Air Force, Major General Kelvin Khong, stated that these attack helicopters would undergo a Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) to upgrade their capabilities.

 “The Singapore Air Force will undertake the SLEP for the AH-64D attack helicopters to ensure they remain ready for operation post-2030,” said Khong, who is set to retire as the Chief of the Singapore Air Force this March.

The AH-64D attack helicopters were developed by Boeing.

Previous media reports indicate that Singapore acquired its first batch of eight AH-64D attack helicopters in 1999, followed by an additional purchase of 12 AH-64D units in 2001, bringing the total number of these U.S.-manufactured attack helicopters in the republic to 20.

Singapore’s Apache AH-64D helicopters


These acquisitions were made alongside the “Longbow” fire-control radar, “Hellfire” missiles, and “Hydra 70” rockets.

 As previously reported, eight of the Singapore Air Force’s AH-64D Apache helicopters are stationed at the Arizona National Guard Silverbell Army Heliport in the United States for crew training purposes under the Peace Vanguard Detachment.

 The remaining 12 AH-64D Apache helicopters are based at Sembawang Air Base in the republic and operate under Squadron 120.

 In 2017, the Singapore Air Force announced it had begun upgrading its AH-64D Apache attack helicopters by equipping them with the Helicopter Integrated Electronic Warfare System (HIEWS) developed by the Israeli defense firm Elbit Systems.

AH-64 “Apache”.


Additionally, they were outfitted with satellite communications as is the case with the Israeli Apache attack helicopters, along with a Radar Warning System (RWS) developed by Elbit.

Beyond Singapore, Indonesia is also a Southeast Asian nation operating the Apache AH-64 armed helicopters. — DSA