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24 Israel Soldiers Killed In Gaza, Highest Single-Day Death Toll

The death of 24 Israeli military personnel in the incident in the Central Gaza yesterday is a harsh reality difficult for the Israeli population and leadership to accept. They perceive their military as "too strong" and "impossible" to be defeated by lightly armed Palestinian fighters.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — A total of 24 Israeli soldiers were killed in Gaza last night, marking the highest single-day death toll for the country’s forces since launching a ground assault on the Gaza Strip over three months ago.

The deaths of the majority reserve members of the Israeli military were confirmed by their spokesperson, Brigadier General Daniel Hagari.

 However, reports from alternative Israeli and Arab media outlets with close ties to armed Palestinian groups suggest that the actual number of Israeli military casualties in the incident is higher than officially announced.

They claim that around 50 Israeli military personnel lost their lives in the incident in central Gaza yesterday, with a high number of injuries as well.

Despite facing strong opposition from Palestinian fighters, the Israeli military has officially acknowledged only 217 military deaths since the launch of the ground assault in Gaza.

Meanwhile, civilian casualties among the Palestinian population have exceeded 25,000, primarily comprising children and women.


Previously, the highest death toll for the Israeli military in a single day occurred two months ago when members of the Golani Brigade were ambushed by Palestinian fighters, resulting in the death of 16 soldiers.

In a separate incident, an Israeli armored vehicle was targeted with RPG fire by Palestinian fighters, leading to the death of 11 Jewish military personnel.

The reality of 24 Israeli military personnel deaths is a difficult pill to swallow for the Israeli population, who perceive their military as “too strong” and impervious to defeat by Palestinian fighters.

 According to the Israeli military spokesperson, the 24 soldiers may have met their demise due to explosions from devices they planted in two buildings, intending to detonate them.

Palestinian fighters reportedly launched rocket attacks on the involved buildings, causing the Israeli military’s explosive devices to detonate and resulting in casualties.


“The Palestinian fighter group executed a surprise attack on the building by launching a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) assault,” stated the Israeli military spokesperson.

“The first rocket hit the first building where the explosive device was placed, causing an explosion that led to the collapse of that building and the one adjacent to it.”

The spokesperson mentioned that most Israeli military personnel were fatally injured after the building collapsed due to the RPG attack by Palestinian fighters.

 Simultaneously, he noted that a Merkava armored vehicle controlling the building’s perimeter was also attacked with RPGs by a group of Palestinian fighters, resulting in the death of the armored vehicle commander and its crew.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described the events in the midst of Gaza, where 24 military personnel lost their lives at the hands of Palestinian fighters, as “among the most difficult days” for him. – DSA

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