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🎬S-400 “Triumf” With New 40N6 Interceptor Missile to “Shoot” Ukrainian F-16s on Takeoff

(VIDEO) The latest variants of S-400 air defence system equipped with the much-imporved and advanced 40N6 interceptor missile as well as complemented by early warning aircraft such as the A-50U, is capable of engaging targets, including high-speed, low-altitude moving targets at very long distance.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) – As of now, two European nations, the Netherlands and Denmark, have expressed their readiness to transfer their F-16 fighter aircraft to Ukraine to address the Russia’s”air dominance” in conflict between the two neighbouring country.

 The Netherlands is reportedly planning to transfer its F-16 aircraft early next year.

However, Ukraine’s latest efforts to deploy American-made F-16 jets in its conflict with Russia may face stiff obstacles from the advanced S-400 air defense system’s newest variant.

The latest iteration of the S-400 air defense system incorporates the upgraded 40N6 interceptor missile, which has demonstrated its effectiveness in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

According to Russian defense sources, the S-400 system equipped with the 40N6 missile has unparalleled capabilities, boasting an extended range and advanced sensors to home-in at the target.

This advanced S-400 system equipped with the advanced 40N6 interceptor missile and complemented by early warning aircraft such as the A-50U, is capable of engaging targets, including high-speed, low-altitude moving targets at very long distance.

The system is designed to intercept F-16 aircraft operated by Ukraine immediately upon takeoff and ascent to altitude from forward airfields.

Sources indicate that the S-400 air defense system, armed with the special 40N6 interceptor missile, alongside fighter aircraft like the Su-30 and Su-35, will effectively “eliminate” Ukraine’s F-16 fleet.

Meanwhile, Sputnik news agency reports that the S-400 system has garnered attention for its use of the new 40N6 interceptor missile.

Air defense experts highlight that the 40N6 interceptor missile has the capability to shoot to a very high altitudes before descending to the target’s level, providing remarkable effectiveness in engaging low-altitude targets.

The new interceptor missile 40N6 equipping the S-400 “Triumf” air defence system


The 40N6 is a breakthrough interceptor missile developed by Russia specifically for use with the S-400 and S-500 air defense systems, capable of striking targets at distances of up to 380 km and at low altitudes.

Previously, the S-400 system’s interceptor missiles had a limited range of 150 km, restricting its ability to counter Ukraine’s fighter jets effectively.

With the introduction of the 40N6 interceptor missile, the S-400 system can now engage targets at twice the previous distance.

The Russian Ministry of Defense plans to procure over 1,000 units of the latest 40N6 interceptor  missile in the coming years.

S-400 “Triumf”
Russia’s AWACS A-50


Observers suggest that if Russia mass-produces the 40N6 interceptor missile, it will pose a significant challenge to Ukraine’s fighter jets and simultaneously enhance Russia’s ability to control and dominate the airspace.

The operational implications for Ukrainian fighter aircraft, including the F-16, in a scenario where airspace is controlled by Russia through a combination of the S-400 air defense system and the latest 40N6 guided missile, raise important questions about their effectiveness and survivability. — DSA



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