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­čÄČIran’s New Main Battle Tank “Karrar” Hits the Battlefield

(VIDEO) The Iranian main battle tank "Karrar," weighing 51 tons and bearing a resemblance to Russia's T-90 main battle tank, has been entirely developed by the nation's defense industry. The program's foundation is built upon the use of Russia's T-72 main battle tank as its developmental basis.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — After a decade of development, the Iranian Army has finally commenced the integration of its latest main battle tank, the “Karrar,” into its armored units.

Weighing 51 tons, the Iranian main battle tank “Karrar” closely resembles the Russian T-90 main battle tank and has been entirely developed by the country’s defense industry.

The foundation of its design is rooted in the Russian T-72 main battle tank.

However, the latest Iranian main battle tank features a distinct turret compared to the T-72.

According to senior Russian military officials, the design of the “Karrar” is nearly identical to the advanced T-90MS variant of the Russian main battle tank, but it also incorporates features found in the American-made Abrams and the British-made Challenger main battle tanks.

Recently, images shared on social media by “Iran Defense” depict five “Karrar” main battle tanks being transported by Volvo FH-16 vehicles to the Khuzestan Region, the headquarters of the 92nd Armored Division of the Iranian Army.

Khuzestan is situated near the border with Iraq and not far from Baghdad.

The unveiling of the “Karrar” to the public took place in 2016, and a year later, in 2017, the then Iranian Defense Minister, Brigadier General Hossein Dehghan, inaugurated the tank’s production facility at the Bani-Hashem Armor Industry Complex in the Dorud region of Lorestan.

Members of the Iranian Army known as “Nezaja” have reportedly received five of the latest “Karrar” main battle tanks, although their variants differ from those used by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The “Karrar” main battle tanks utilized by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps are equipped with a Remote Control Weapon System (RCWS) armed with a 12.7mm machine gun, while the “Karrar” tanks used by Nezaja do not have RCWS.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is reported will be in possession of approximately 800 units of the “Karrar” main battle tank.

As for the armament system, the “Karrar” is equipped with a 125mm smoothbore gun, similar to the guns used in Russian-made tanks.

 In contrast, Western-made tanks typically feature 120mm guns.

The 125mm gun on the “Karrar” allows for the firing of various standard projectiles such as armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS), high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT), and high-explosive fragmentation (HEF).

Additionally, the “Karrar” tank’s gun can launch guided anti-tank projectiles.



In terms of protection, the latest Iranian tank is equipped with Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA) on its front and turret, with additional armor on the top.

 The side positions of the tank will be fitted with composite armor modules.

The “Karrar” main battle tank is also equipped with a new engine, enabling it to reach a maximum speed of 70 km/h, with an operational radius of 550 km.

With a crew of three, the “Karrar” features NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) protection, night vision equipment, electro-optical fire control systems, a laser rangefinder, ballistic computer, Battle Management System, and digital control panels. — DSA



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