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North Korea to Provide “Comprehensive Assistance” to Palestine.

According to South Korean intelligence agencies, the leader of Pyongyang has issued instructions to his officials to provide comprehensive assistance to the Palestinians in their military campaign against the Jewish regime.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is reported to have issued instructions to his officials to initiate efforts to assist Palestine in its conflict with the Israeli military at this time.

According to South Korean intelligence agencies, Pyongyang’s leader has directed his officials to provide “comprehensive assistance” to the Palestinians in their military campaign against the Jewish regime.

 However, the South Korean intelligence agency has not specified the type or form of “assistance” that North Korea will provide to Palestine, though it is highly likely to involve weapons and intelligence information.

Nevertheless, it is likely to involve weapons support for Palestinian armed groups, primarily H4m4s.

The North Korean government blames Israel for the bloodshed in Gaza, attributing the military clashes between Israel and H4m4s.

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This marks the first time that the Rodong Sinmun, the official newspaper of the ruling Workers’ Party of North Korea, has published a brief article about the conflict and casualties, citing foreign media reports.

According to the newspaper, the international community claims that the ongoing conflict is a result of Israel’s continuous crimes against the Palestinian people.

 Therefore, it suggests that the fundamental solution is to establish an independent Palestinian state.

The Israeli military alleges that some of the weapons used in its campaign against Palestinian forces were produced in Iran or North Korea.

Israeli military officials claim that around 20% of the weapons used by Palestinian fighters are manufactured by Iran and North Korea.

“I believe about five to ten percent of the weapons here [are made in Iran], while 10% are from South Korea, and the rest are produced in the Gaza Strip. The most surprising thing is the quantity of weapons that are smuggled into Israel,” said an unidentified Israeli military official.

It’s alleged that certain Palestinian groups used anti-tank rocket launchers supplied by North Korea in their war against Israel.

 Palestinian fighters based in Gaza are said to have used F-7 rocket launchers to target Israeli armored vehicles.

These rocket launchers can launch a warhead and can be rapidly reloaded, making them suitable for guerrilla warfare against enemies using armored vehicles on the battlefield.

 The weapons used by Palestinian forces, as identified by the Israeli military in the field, are reportedly from Pyongyang, according to some South Korean officials and experts on North Korean weaponry.

They claim that during a major offensive on October 7th, H4m4s also used Type 58 rifles from North Korea, which is a variant of the Kalashnikov rifle.

 North Korea is alleged to sell weapons illegally to fund its nuclear weapons program.

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F-7 rocket launchers and various types of rifles are said to have been sold to Iran before being delivered to Palestine.

However, North Korea openly denies that it is arming Palestinian groups and characterizes such allegations as “baseless and false rumors” spread by the United States.

It is believed that these groups heavily rely on extensive smuggling networks to bring weapons into the Gaza Strip, in addition to producing their own weapons, including rockets frequently fired at Israeli cities. – DSA



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