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Hamas “Captured” 14 Merkava 4 Tanks, 17 Armoured Personnel Carriers

"The loss of the Merkava 4 main battle tanks at the hands of amateur Palestinian fighters has been described by Israeli military analysts as highly embarrassing, especially after they had boasted that their indigenous tanks was the best in the world.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — The Israeli military is reported to have “lost” up to 14 Merkava 4 main battle tanks when their base and military positions in southern Israel were attacked and seized by armed Palestinian groups.

The Merkava 4 main battle tank, weighing 65 tons, which entered service with the Israeli military in 2003, is said to be one of the best armored tanks in the market at the time, along with the Abrams, Leopard, and T-90 tanks.

Valued at $5 million (RM22 million) each, Israel possesses up to 600 Merkava 4 variant armored tanks equipped with a 120mm cannon, a heavy 12.7mm machine gun, and a 7.62mm machine gun.

It also has the capability to launch guided missiles like the LAHAT.

The “loss” of these Merkava 4 armored tanks to Palestinian amateur fighters is considered by Israeli military analysts as highly embarrassing, especially after they boasted that these domestically produced tanks were the best in the world and nearly impervious to anti-tank weapons.


Due to their advanced features, Israel has prohibited the export of Merkava armored tanks.

The Merkava 4 tank, developed by the Israeli agency MANTAK/IDF Ordnance, is also equipped with an active protection system called “TROPHY” to protect it from anti-tank threats.

 With a 1,500 horsepower engine, the Merkava 4 can move at speeds of up to 65 km/h on roads.

Videos and images that went viral on social media show some of the Israeli Merkava 4 tanks on fire after being hit by PG-7VR anti-tank missiles equipped with Tandem HEAT (High Explosive Anti-Tank) Shaped Charged explosives.

This weapon is said to be highly effective against various armored vehicles, even those equipped with armor, ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor), and other protection systems.




merkavaAnother video released by an armed group in Israel shows severe damage to a Merkava 4 tank after being hit by a PG-7VR missile launched by a drone.

The use of drones to launch explosive devices against armored vehicles and Israeli military infrastructure by Palestinian armed groups is likely reminiscent of techniques used by the Russian and Ukrainian military.

There are also videos showing abandoned Merkava tanks on the side of the highway, presumably after suffering damage.

In addition to “losing” Merkava 4 armored tanks to Palestinian fighters, the Israeli military is also reported to have lost 10 “Achzarit” armored personnel carriers, five M113 armored personnel carriers, and two “Namer” armored personnel carriers.



Furthermore, the Israeli military is said to have lost more than 10 Humvee vehicles and four-wheel-drive vehicles commonly used by its troops for patrols in the Gaza Strip.

Additionally, reports state that four Israeli Apache attack helicopters were targeted by anti-aircraft systems while conducting operations in Gaza.

 Despite being hit, all four Israeli military helicopters managed to land safely. — DSA



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