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Jordan Faces Severe Backlash from Arab, Islamic World for “Defending” Israel

Not only has Jordan reportedly directed its fighter jets to shoot down Iranian missiles and drones targeting Israel, but Amman has also "opened" its airspace to Israeli and United States fighter aircraft to intercept missiles and drones launched by Tehran.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — Jordan’s decision to direct its fighter jets to intercept and shoot down Iranian missiles and suicide drones aimed at Israel has drawn sharp criticism from across the Arab and Islamic world.

 Not only has Jordan reportedly instructed its fighters to target Iranian missiles and drones, but it has also allowed its airspace to be used by Israeli and U.S. aircraft for the same purpose.

The Jordanian government’s decision to open its airspace to Israeli and U.S. aircraft was intended to ensure that Iranian projectiles were destroyed over Jordan before they could reach Israeli territory.

This action has been perceived as shockingly supportive of Israel, particularly at a time when the Netanyahu-led Israeli regime is  responsible for the deaths of over 33,000 Palestinians through its military actions in Gaza.

Despite the Jordanian public’s support for the Palestinian cause against Israel’s illegal occupation, the Jordanian government has taken a firm stance against pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

Iranian ballistic missiles


Over 1,000 Jordanians have been detained by authorities for participating in such demonstrations.

According to international news agency Reuters, Jordanians have heard fighter jets over their territory and witnessed the downing of Iranian suicide drones near the capital, Amman.

Facing severe backlash from the Arab and Islamic world for its actions perceived as defending and protecting Israel, the Jordanian government was compelled to clarify its position.

The government stated that its actions were taken in self-defense and not intended to assist Israel.

 It emphasized that any Iranian missiles or drones entering its airspace and heading towards Israel were dealt with to prevent danger to its people and densely populated areas within Jordan.

Jordan has affirmed its commitment to defending its nation, people, and airspace from any aggression.

Despite widespread support for Palestine, the Jordanian government maintains strong military ties with the United States, Israel’s primary ally.

Iranian suicide drone “Shahed-136”


Jordan, along with Egypt, receives substantial military aid from the U.S. annually.

U.S. fighter jets and drones are frequently stationed at Jordanian bases, such as Muwaffaq Salti Air Base.

The U.S. also maintains a secretive military base in Jordan known as “Tower 22” in the Rukban area near the borders with Syria and Iraq.

In January, a drone attack believed to have been launched by Iranian proxy forces in Iraq targeted “Tower 22,” resulting in the deaths of three U.S. servicemen.

The U.S. uses another nearby base, Al-Tanf in Syria near Jordan, Syria and Iraq border to train Syrian groups aligned with Washington in their fight against ISIS.

The location of secretive American military base “Tower 22”  inside Jordan
Jordanian F-16 .


Besides Jordan,  several Gulf states, including Saudi Arabia are also alleged to have indirectly supported Israel’s defense against Iranian missile and drone attacks by utilizing high-powered radar complexes and surveillance stations operated by the U.S in their countries.

These state-of-the-art facilities provide critical information and early warning to Israel, helping it prepare for potential attacks from Iran. — DSA