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Israeli CH-53 “Yasur” Helicopter Destroyed by Palestinian Fighters

Local Israeli media reports indicate that the Israeli military's heavy transport helicopter, the CH-53 "Yasur," was forced to make an emergency landing at a location in Kibbutz Beeri in southern Israel after it was hit by light weapons fire from Hamas fighters.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — Images circulating on social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) and Telegram have exposed the condition of an Israeli military Sikorsky CH-53 “Yasur” transport helicopter (a variant of the CH-53 Stallion) that was engulfed in flames in the southern part of the country after it was struck by Hamas’ Kornet by anti-tank missile system.

It is the first Israeli military helicopter confirmed to be destroyed in this series of conflicts between Hamas and Israel.

 According to local media reports in Israel, the heavy transport helicopter was reportedly destroyed on October 7, the first day of the attack by Hamas fighters and other Palestinians on areas illegally occupied by Israel in the southern part of the country.

The Israeli military issued a statement on October 7, confirming that three of their helicopters had sustained damage from light weapons fire by Palestinian fighters and had to make emergency landings.

The statement did not provide further information about the specific type of helicopter targeted by Palestinian light weapons fire or the locations of their emergency landings.


Local Israeli media reports indicate that the CH-53 “Yasur” heavy transport helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing in Kibbutz Beeri, a settlement area unlawfully taken from Palestinian residents in the south of Israel.

The helicopter was believed to be transporting up to 50 Israeli special forces personnel from its base to the southern part of the country to respond to the hundreds of Hamas and Palestinian fighters attacking in the region.

According to local media reports, the transport helicopter had to make an emergency landing in Kibbutz Beeri after sustaining damage from light weapons fire by Palestinian fighters.

Israel has two squadrons of CH-53 helicopters that have been in operation since 1968.

Local media reports further state that shortly after the emergency landing in Kibbutz Beeri, the helicopter was struck by anti-tank guided missiles, specifically the “Kornet” owned by Palestinian fighters.


CH-53 “Yasur” Israel


The “Kornet” missile strike resulted in the total destruction of the transport helicopter.

Regarding the fate of the CH-53 “Yasur” helicopter crew and the Israeli military personnel it was transporting, there are conflicting reports in the local media.

 Some reports suggest that all 50 Israeli military personnel perished in the incident in Kibbutz Beeri after the transport helicopter was “shot down” by Palestinian fighters.

However, other local media reports claim that all the Israeli military personnel and the helicopter crew were saved during the emergency landing.

As of now, local Israeli media reports state that around 300 Israeli military personnel have been killed by Hamas and other Palestinian fighters. — DSA



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