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North Korea’s Shocking Shipment: 1,000 Containers of Weapons Delivered to Russia

The United States believes that the shipment of weapons and ammunition to Russia by North Korea is seen as an "exchange" in return for Moscow's agreement to assist Pyongyang in developing its nuclear weapons and various other military programs.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — North Korea is reported to have sent 1,000 containers filled with ammunition and various types of weaponry to Russia, believed to assist Moscow in its conflict with Ukraine.

The United States believes the weapons and ammunition shipment to Russia by North Korea is part of an “exchange” for Moscow’s assistance to Pyongyang in developing its nuclear weapons and other military programs.

North Korea seeks access to Russian nuclear weapon technology to enable it to develop more dangerous and effective nuclear-armed missiles, said White House National Security Committee spokesperson John Kirby.

Washington has distributed satellite images showing the containers being transferred onto registered ships in Najin, North Korea, between September 7 and October 1.

 These container ships later sailed back to Russia.

Korea Utara
Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un


“We (the United States) condemn North Korea for providing military equipment to Russia, which will be used to target cities in Ukraine and extend Russia’s war capabilities,” Kirby said.

“In return for the weapons and ammunition containers, North Korea is attempting to obtain Russian assistance, including fighter planes, equipment for developing ballistic missiles, or other materials and technology.”

Recently, a Washington-based think tank, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, released satellite images showing increased railway traffic between the Russia-North Korea border.

Reports from this think tank indicated increased railway traffic at the Tumangang railway facility in North Korea.

Last month, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visited Russia, where he held a meeting with his counterpart, President Vladimir Putin.

North Korea Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM)”Hwasong-15″ Korea Utara.


Both leaders agreed to further enhance defense cooperation between the two countries, though they did not explicitly state the nature of this cooperation.

Previously, there were reports suggesting that North Korea was “preparing” approximately 500,000 military personnel and volunteer forces to join Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, as claimed by a Russian national television war correspondent.

The correspondent, Alexander Sladkov, asserted that the Pyongyang regime under Kim Jong Un is a strong supporter of Russia’s policy in Ukraine.

He mentioned that he had spoken with the head of a North Korean veterans’ organization in Moscow, who stated that 50,000 North Korean commandos were also ready to be deployed to Ukraine.

According to him, North Korea is ready to contribute to Russia’s campaign in Ukraine by providing military personnel and equipment for this special operation, referring to the armed conflict between Moscow and Kiev that began in February last year. — DSA



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