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(VIDEO) Iran’s Dual-Mode “Saqr 358” Missile Emerges as Main Adversary to Israeli, American Drones

(VIDEO) Earlier today, another Israeli Medium Altitude Long Range (MALE) drone, the "Hermes 900," valued at approximately $10 million, became the latest target of the "Saqr 358" missile when it was shot down by Hezbollah fighters who launched it in southern Lebanon.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — Iran’s advanced dual-mode guided missile, known as “Saqr 358,” has emerged as a significant threat to drones operated by the Israeli and United States military in the airspace over southern Lebanon and Yemen.

 Earlier today, another Israeli Medium Altitude Long Range (MALE) drone, the “Hermes 900,” valued at $10 million, fell victim to the “Saqr 358” after being shot down in southern Lebanon.

The Israeli military confirmed today that a Hermes 900 drone was brought down by a surface-to-air missile, crashing in the southern region of Lebanon.

This incident occurred just days after another Hermes 900 was downed in the airspace over the town of Deif Kifa in southern Lebanon earlier in the month.

Military analysts in the Middle East have reported that the Hermes 900 shot down earlier today is the fifth Israeli drone to be successfully targeted by Hezbollah fighters since the conflict erupted last October.

The five Israeli drones downed include three Hermes 900s and two Hermes 450s.

Images and videos capturing the final moments of the sophisticated Israeli drone being shot down in southern Lebanese airspace have spread across social media, showing the $10 million drone engulfed in flames as it plummeted to the ground.

The Hermes 900, also known as “Kochav,” is one of the most advanced Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) assets of the Israeli military, designed and developed by the Israeli defense company Elbit Systems.

In addition to ISR missions, the Hermes 900 is also employed for target identification, ISTAR, and aerial monitoring tasks.

Israel’s military utilizes both Hermes 900 and Hermes 450 drones for striking vehicles and the residences of Hezbollah leaders and other Palestinian armed groups in southern Lebanon.

Saqr 358
Dual-mode “Saqr 358”


Operated by the Israeli Air Force’s 166 Squadron, the Hermes 900 can carry a payload of up to 350kg and operate at altitudes up to 30,000 feet.

 Capable of flying for 36 hours in a single mission, it is well-suited for extended and long-range operations.

In late May, the United States lost another high-tech drone, the MQ-9B Reaper, valued at $30 million, likely brought down by Houthi fighters in Yemen using the “Saqr 358.”

This marks the sixth U.S. drone shot down in the Middle East, with five attributed to Houthi fighters in Yemen recently.

In total, the U.S. has lost drones worth $180 million in the region, primarily to Houthi forces.

The dual-mode “Saqr 358” missile combines kamikaze drone capabilities with anti-aircraft missile features, primarily targeting enemy drones in conflict zones of the Middle East.

Hermes 900
Hermes 900


 Developed in Iran, this sophisticated missile has been effectively used by Iran-backed proxy groups in various conflict zones such as the Houthis in Yemen and other armed groups in Iraq.

Hezbollah fighters have effectively employed the “Saqr 358” in southern Lebanon.

The versatility and effectiveness of the dual-mode Iranian missile have made the “Saqr 358” the weapon of choice for Iran’s proxy groups in the Middle East, providing them with the capability to disrupt and counter enemy surveillance and reconnaissance efforts, particularly those of Israel and the United States.

The increased use of the Iranian guided missile has posed significant challenges to Israeli and U.S. military operations, especially those relying on drones.

By destroying Israeli and U.S. unmanned platforms, Hezbollah and other pro-Iran armed groups have diminished the enemy’s ability to conduct precision strikes and intelligence gathering.

Little is known about the technical specifications of the dual-mode missile, but the “Saqr 358” measures nearly 3 meters in length with a missile diameter of 152mm.

Wreckage of MQ-9B Reaper Drone Downed by Houthi Fighters


It weighs 50kg and uses a small turbojet engine, capable of flying distances ranging from 10km to 100km.

 The missile employs a 10kg high fragmentation explosive and does not require a sophisticated launching system, making it easily transportable from one location to another.

The dual-mode missile has also been showcased in several military parades by Iran, featuring the “Saqr 358.” — DSA