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Turkish Fifth-Gen Fighter Aircraft “KAAN” to Conduct Maiden Flight Next Month.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), Prof. Temel Kotil, all efforts and tests are being conducted to ensure that Turkey's fifth-generation fighter aircraft "KAAN", characterized as a "strategic asset" for the country, makes its maiden flight at the end of this year.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — The Turkish-made fifth-generation fighter jet, named “KAAN,” is set to conduct its maiden flight at the end of this year, according to Prof. Temel Kotil, the CEO of Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI).

He stated that all efforts and tests are underway to ensure the maiden flight of Turkey’s fifth-generation fighter jet, which is characterized as a “strategic asset” for the country, by the end of this year.

“We are working diligently. It will make its maiden flight in the second month of the second quarter. We are heading in that direction, and KAAN will take its flight. It needs to fly for the whole world to see,” said Kotil, adding that all tests on the KAAN fighter aircraft are being carried out.

Turkey celebrated its 100th anniversary on October 29th, and the expected maiden flight of the “KAAN” fighter jet in the second month of the second century of the Mediterranean country, as stated by Temel Kotil, is scheduled for December.

Kotil mentioned that there are 1,500 engineers at TAI directly involved in the development of the fifth-generation fighter jet “KAAN.”



In total, 6,000 engineers are working for Turkey’s aerospace giant.

Temel Kotil stated that the development of the fifth-generation fighter jet “KAAN” is Turkey’s most important high-tech development project, and therefore, it is “100 percent” locally owned.

 Initially, the engines and ejection seats of the Turkish fifth-generation fighter aircraft will be obtained from foreign countries, but they will be replaced with locally-made engines and ejection seats in the future.

TAI, the main contractor for the development of the fifth-generation fighter jet “KAAN,” will reportedly deliver a total of 20 “KAAN” Block 10 fighter jets to the Turkish Air Force by 2028.

By the year 2029, TAI is expected to produce two “KAAN” fighter jets every month, generating approximately US$2.4 billion (RM9.6 billion) in revenue each year.



Prof Temel Kotil


“KAAN” will replace more than 200 F-16 fighter jets in the Turkish Air Force.

Turkey has intensified its efforts to develop its fifth-generation fighter jet after being excluded from the F-35 program due to its purchase of the Russian S-400 “Triumf” air defense system.

Previously known as TF-X or Milli Muharip Ucak (National Combat Aircraft – MMU), “KAAN” is now almost entirely developed by Turkey’s defense industry, except for some parts of the aircraft such as ejection seats, engines, and joystick controllers.

As a partner in the F-35 project, Turkey had agreed to acquire 100 fifth-generation F-35 fighter jets.

However, due to its purchase of the Russian S-400 air defense system, Ankara was barred from buying F-35 aircraft developed by Lockheed Martin from the United States.

Initial information indicates that the “KAAN” fighter jet will have a Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) of 27,200 kg and be capable of reaching a maximum speed of Mach 2. — DSA




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