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(VIDEO) Turkey Successfully Operates (Run) Its First Turbofan Engine, TF-6000

(VIDEO) The successful operation (run) of Turkey's first domestic turbofan engine, the TF-6000, marks a historic milestone for the nation's defense and aerospace industry, long reliant on foreign engines for its defense platforms.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — Turkish engine manufacturer TUSAS Engine Industries (TEI) has successfully operated (run) its own turbofan engine, the TF-6000, which will power the country’s domestic-developed unmanned fighter aircraft “Kızılelma” and the drone “ANKA-3.”

This milestone marks a historic achievement for Turkey’s defense and aerospace industry, which has long relied on foreign-made engines.

The TF-6000, Turkey’s first turbofan engine, capable of producing 6,000 lbf of thrust, signifies a major step toward self-reliance in military technology.

Professor Haluk Gorgun, President of Turkey’s Defense Industries Presidency (SSB), heralded the operation of the TF-6000 as a proud and historic moment for Turkey, emphasizing its significance in a statement on social media.

 The engine’s successful operation promises to enhance the capabilities of the “Kızılelma” and “ANKA-3,” according to Gorgun, who extended his congratulations to the engineers and team members involved in the project.

Designed for both military and civilian projects, the TF-6000 showcases Turkey’s ambition to lead in aerospace technology.

The “Kızılelma,” an unmanned fighter jet developed by Baykar Technology, completed its maiden flight on December 14, 2022.

Selcuk Bayraktar, Chief Technology Officer of Baykar, expressed confidence that the supersonic “Kızılelma” would surpass the capabilities of the F-35 fighter jet and compete with other advanced fighter aircraft.

The TF-6000 has garnered international attention for its advanced features, including ‘blisk’ technology, single crystal turbine blades, and fuel efficiency.

 This engine underscores Turkey’s commitment to innovation and its ability to produce high-quality aerospace components independently.

“Anka-3” drone will be powered by TEI’s produced turbofan engine, TF-6000


A joint venture between Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) and General Electric Aerospace (GE Aerospace), TEI has the capability to develop engines for various platforms, including fighter jets, drones, helicopters, and missiles.

TEI recently announced that the domestically produced engine for Turkey’s fifth-generation fighter jet, “KAAN,” is nearing completion.

The TF-10000 engine, an upgrade from the TF-6000, will power a wide range of manned and unmanned platforms, including the “KAAN” fighter jet.

TEI’s chief, Mahmut Faruk Aksit, shared with local Turkish media that the TF-10000, the most powerful turbofan engine developed by the company to date, is close to readiness.

Kizilelma unmanned fighter jet.


The successful test flight of the “KAAN,” Turkey’s fifth-generation fighter jet, marks another historic moment for the Mediterranean country, which began the project around eight years ago in 2016.

TEI is also set to launch an engine for TAI’s ATAK-2 attack helicopter, further solidifying Turkey’s position as a leader in aerospace and defense technology innovation. — DSA