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RMAF’s Su-30MKM Needs to be Equipped with “TALIOS” Targeting Pod.

The new generation targeting pod "TALIOS" (Targeting Long Range Identification Optronic System) was developed by the Thales company, and it offers greater capabilities than the "Damocles" targeting pod used in previous Rafale aircraft variants and the Royal Malaysian Air Force's (RMAF) Sukhoi Su-30MKM aircraft.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — In an effort to further enhance target acquisition capabilities and threat monitoring effectiveness by Rafale fighter aircraft, the French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA) has acquired a new generation targeting pod called “TALIOS” (Targeting Long Range Identification Optronic System) to be integrated with the 4.5-generation omni-role fighter aircraft produced by Dassault Aviation.

The French defense procurement agency has ordered 21 units of the “TALIOS” targeting pod to be equipped on Rafale aircraft currently in use by the French Air Force and Navy.

This new procurement adds to the existing 46 units of the “TALIOS” targeting pod, bringing the total number of the latest-generation targeting pods owned by the French Air Force to 67.

The new-generation “TALIOS” targeting pod, developed by Thales, offers greater capabilities compared to the “Damocles” targeting pod previously used on Rafale aircraft variants.

The “Damocles” targeting pod was also used on Sukhoi Su-30MKM aircraft, and there is the possibility that it may be replaced with the new-generation “TALIOS” targeting pod during the Mid Life Upgrade (MLU) program, enhancing the capabilities of the Royal Malaysian Air Force’s fighter aircraft.

“Talios” targeting pod developed by Thales.
“Talios” targeting pod lock-on Russian Su-35.


The integration of the new-generation “TALIOS” targeting pod with the Malaysian Air Force’s Su-30MKM fighter aircraft, developed by Thales, will undoubtedly enhance the capabilities of the country’s primary fighter aircraft.

“TALIOS” has already been used on the latest variants of Rafale aircraft operated by the French Air Force and Navy, as well as the upcoming F4 variant to be operated by France and other customers, including the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Indonesia.

The Rafale F4 is the latest omni-role fighter aircraft variant and will be equipped with a new Prognosis and Diagnostic Aid System that introduces predictive capabilities, a new engine control unit, and other systems based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions.

Among the new capabilities that will equip the new Rafale F4-1 fighter aircraft variant are the AESA (Advanced Electronically Scanned Array) RBE2 radar and the Spectra Electronic Warfare System (Self-Protection Equipment Countering Threats to Rafale Aircraft).

According to Christophe Salomon, the Executive Vice President of Thales Land and Air Systems, the “TALIOS” targeting and monitoring pod will provide the French Armed Forces with an advantage during missions and operations in the field.

Image developed by “Talios”.


He stated, “Rafale fighter pilots will be able to make better decisions more quickly in critical moments during missions to detect, classify, and engage targets, as well as assess the results of those attacks.”

All functions of the “TALIOS” targeting pod can be performed day or night and in adverse weather conditions.

Thales began testing the two-in-one “TALIOS” targeting pod in 2016 using an open architecture and “plug and fight” concept for both current and future fighter aircraft needs. Additional functions can be applied as needed by the military.

The “TALIOS” targeting pod was received by the French procurement agency in 2018 for use on Rafale fighter aircraft currently in operation. This new-generation targeting pod will enable Rafale F4 aircraft to carry out monitoring and air/ground attack missions in a linked environment.

“TALIOS” can scan large areas to locate and track targets before engaging and neutralizing them. With high-resolution sensors and visual displays of real-time conditions in color, it will simplify the tasks performed by increasingly complex and challenging fighter pilots. — DSA



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