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Spain to Auction Its American-Made M60 Tanks at €47,000 (RM240,000)

The Spanish Ministry of Defense has refrained from disclosing the exact number of M60 armored vehicles being auctioned off. However, the auction price for these armored vehicles, which are still actively utilized by dozens of countries worldwide, stands at Euro 47,000 (RM240,000).

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — The Spanish Ministry of Defense is currently auctioning off its fleet of aging M60 armored vehicles at a price of Euro 47,000 (RM240,000) for any interested parties wishing to acquire American-made armored vehicles.

These M60 armored vehicles, previously in service with the Spanish Navy and operated by its Marine Corps, are now being made available for purchase.

While the exact number of M60 armored vehicles being auctioned has not been disclosed by the Spanish Ministry of Defense, the auction price remains fixed at Euro 47,000 per unit.

It is estimated that Spain possesses between 200 to 300 units of the M60 armored vehicles, comprising various variants.

However, these have been gradually replaced by the German-made Leopard A2 armored vehicles.

M60 Tanks


The known variants in use include the M60, M60A1, M60A2, and M60A3.

Interested parties must submit the necessary documentation to the Spanish Ministry of Defense and participate in the auction, which will run until April 22nd, with bids to be finalized on April 24th.

A deposit of Euro 9,384 (RM48,000), approximately 20 percent of the tender price for the armored vehicles, is also required from interested buyers.

The M60 armored vehicles, manufactured by Chrysler, represent the second generation of armored vehicles in the United States and were first deployed in the 1950s.

Despite their age, they continue to be utilized by armed forces in several countries, including Turkey (after upgrades) and Thailand.

In February, the Turkish Army began receiving its first upgraded M60TM armored vehicles as part of the “TIYK-M60T Project”, aimed at modernizing the Turkish Army initiated by the Turkish defense agency, Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB).


These upgraded vehicles will feature locally-made fire control systems, known as VOLKAN-M, replacing foreign-made systems previously used.

Reports suggest that the Turkish Army currently operates up to 170 M60TM armored vehicles, with plans to equip them with modern components under the TIYK-M60T Project.

Egypt also maintains a significant fleet of over 1,000 M60 armored vehicles within its military.

Depending on the variant, M60 armored vehicles weigh between 46 to 52 tons and are equipped with a 105mm M68 cannon as their primary weapon, along with machine guns serving as secondary armaments.

 The firing rate of the cannon ranges between 4 to 7 rounds per minute, depending on the variant.

An upgraded Turkish M60 tanks.
Last year, the Spanish authority auctioned off a ‘Mistral” submarine


These armored vehicles can reach speeds of up to 48km/h and have an operational range of approximately 480km.

In April of the previous year, a disposal agency in Cartagena, Spain, auctioned off a submarine named “Mistral” belonging to the Spanish Navy, with an initial price of US$150,000 (RM600,000). The Spanish Navy had decommissioned the “Mistral” submarine in 2020.

The Spanish Navy intends to sell the “Mistral” submarine to a specialized company for scrap metal disposal after removing various equipment and mission systems from the vessel. — DSA