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Russia’s Terrifying Combo, Su-57 “Felon” and KH-69 Missiles Alarm Ukraine

Ukrainian military sources indicated that Russia's fifth-generation Su-57 "Felon" fighter jets and KH-69 air-to-ground missiles played a critical role in the attack that led to the power plant's destruction.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — On April 11, Russian forces destroyed the Trypilska Thermal Power Plant (TPP) in Kiev, the largest power generation facility in the Kiev region, through a combined attack of missiles and kamikaze drones.

According to a Ukrainian military spokesperson, Russia launched a total of 82 missiles and kamikaze drones, including six hypersonic “Kinzhal” missiles, which devastated the critical thermal power plant.

The destruction of Trypilska TPP, which had the largest electricity generating capacity in Ukraine, was keenly felt as it disrupted the electricity supply to much of the capital, Kiev.

Ukrainian military sources indicated that Russia’s fifth-generation Su-57 “Felon” fighter jets and KH-69 air-to-ground missiles played a critical role in the attack that led to the power plant’s destruction.

 Besides the Su-57, the KH-69 missiles can also be launched by Su-34 and Su-35 fighter jets.



Ukrainian sources even noted that the air-to-ground KH-69 missiles posed a greater threat than the hypersonic “Kinzhal” missiles.

Each Su-57 fighter jet of the Russian Air Force can carry up to four KH-69 air-to-ground missiles within its internal weapons bay.

According to Ukrainian military sources, these Su-57 jets launched the KH-69 missiles from approximately 400km away from the Trypilska TPP, while within Russian airspace and away from the reach of Ukrainian air defense systems.

Once the KH-69 missiles were launched, the Su-57 jets would “turn back” to safety within Russian territory.

Ukrainian forces stated that the performance of the KH-69 missiles exceeded their previous intelligence, which had estimated the missile range at only 300km.



 It was proven that the operational range of the KH-69 air-to-ground missiles was underreported.

Furthermore, there is a possibility that the KH-69 could operate beyond 400km if launched at the maximum speed of the Su-57, which is Mach 2.

One of the main features of the KH-69 missile is its ability to fly at extremely low altitudes, approximately 20 meters above the ground, to evade detection by enemy air defense radar systems.

This flying altitude of the KH-69 is even lower than that of the KH-101 missile, which has similar flight characteristics.


 “The combined use of stealth Su-57 fighter jets with the low-flying KH-69 air-to-ground missiles represents a nightmare scenario for Ukraine, which is unable to counter the Russian attack,” according to a Russian military analyst.

Moreover, Ukraine currently faces a shortage of air defense systems to protect its military and civilian assets from Russian air strikes. — DSA