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Russian Fifth-Gen Fighter Jet, Su-57 “Enters Ukrainian Airspace” to Conduct Strikes

Reports from Russia indicate that the country's fifth-generation fighter jet, the Su-57 "Felon," has entered Ukrainian airspace and launched KH-59MK guided missile attacks on targets within the nation.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — Russian fifth-generation Su-57 “Felon” fighter jets have reportedly taken significant risks by penetrating the tightly controlled Ukrainian airspace, equipped with Western-supplied air defense systems, to launch strikes in the Luhansk region of Ukraine.

Although detailed information on the “involvement” of the Su-57 fighter jets remains scarce, it is believed that the latest Russian aircraft entered Ukrainian airspace during the attacks.

Reports indicate that the fighter jets entered Ukrainian airspace and launched KH-59MK guided missiles at targets within the country.

Military observers have noted it as “peculiar” that there was no need for the Su-57 to enter Ukrainian airspace since the KH-59MK guided missiles are capable of hitting targets up to 300km away.

Equipped with KH-59MK guided missiles, the Su-57 could target locations in Ukraine even while remaining well within Russian territory.

Air-to-surface missile “KH-59MK2”


Ukrainian sources have confirmed to defense media that KH-59MK guided missiles were used in strikes on February 7th and 8th.

Previously, reports stated that Russia had only used its newest fighter jets, the Su-57, for long-range missions without the need to enter Ukrainian airspace.

Analysis by the United Kingdom‘s Ministry of Defense suggests it is almost certain that Russia has utilized its fifth-generation Su-57 fighter jets in its military campaign in Ukraine, even for “long-range” missions.

 In a report titled “Defense Intelligence Update,” the UK’s Ministry of Defense, citing unnamed sources, stated that the Su-57 “Felon” had been deployed to Ukraine as early as June 2022 for special missions.

Although the UK’s Ministry of Defense claims the Su-57 was deployed in June 2022, the Russian news agency TASS was informed by a defense industry source that the country’s most advanced aircraft had been operational in Ukraine just weeks after Moscow’s invasion of its neighbor in February 2022.



“The missions carried out by the Su-57 likely included flights within Russian territory itself, launching long-range air-to-ground and air-to-air guided missiles at targets within Ukraine,” according to the UK’s Ministry of Defense.

Furthermore, the Su-57s involved in the military campaign in Ukraine are believed to be based at the Russian Air Force’s Akhtubinsk Base near Astrakhan in southern Russia, which also serves as the home for the 929th Flight Test Center.

The KH-59Mk2 guided missiles, equipped with a 320kg penetrator warhead, are part of Russia’s efforts to arm them with more powerful warheads capable of striking larger areas.

Due to their subsonic speed, the air-to-ground KH-59Mk2 guided missiles can travel further despite their smaller size.


The Russian air force has tested the air-to-ground KH-59Mk2 guided missiles in conflict zones such as Ukraine and Syria.

Additionally, the Su-57 fighter jets are equipped with Kh-58UShKE anti-radiation guided missiles designed to destroy enemy communication centers, radar systems, and air defense systems. — DSA