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Russia Reportedly Deploys 11 Nuclear Submarines in Atlantic, NATO and America “Anxious”

The presence of up to 11 Russian nuclear submarines in the Atlantic Ocean has significantly unsettled NATO countries, particularly the United States, compelling them to deploy their underwater assets to monitor these powerful Russian submarines.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — Russia has reportedly deployed 11 of its nuclear-powered submarines to the Atlantic Ocean, a move military analysts in the region interpret as a warning to NATO amidst the unresolved conflict between Moscow and Kyiv.

These analysts note that the current activity level of Russian nuclear submarines in the Atlantic mirrors that of the Cold War era.

The presence of up to 11 Russian nuclear submarines has notably unsettled NATO countries, particularly the United States, prompting them to deploy their own underwater assets to monitor these Russian submarines.

Despite reports that the Russian Navy has positioned 11 nuclear-powered submarines in the Atlantic, some analysts claim the actual number operating in these waters could be significantly higher.

However, according to analysts, NATO and the United States are unlikely able to determine the precise number of Russian nuclear submarines active in the Atlantic.

Russia’s Severodvinsk-class nuclear submarine launched a missile during training.


In addition to increasing their presence in the Atlantic, there are also reports that Russian nuclear submarines are making more frequent appearances near the United States.

 Michael Peterson, an analyst at the Russian Maritime Research Institute, alleges that these submarines are increasingly ordered to operate near American coasts.

From waters near the United States to the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, analysts have observed a surge in the activities of Russian nuclear and conventional submarines, reminiscent of the Cold War peak.

This reality is clear and evident to all, Peterson notes, comparing current tactics to those used during the height of the Cold War between the United States and its allies and the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact.

In recent years, Russia has escalated the construction of both nuclear and conventional submarines, aiming to penetrate strategic points in the United States and Europe.

Currently, the Russian Navy is said to possess 58 nuclear submarines of various classes.

Yasen-class attack submarine


A senior U.S. military official responsible for operations in Europe reported that Russia has significantly increased its submarine presence in the Atlantic, far exceeding levels seen in previous years.

This analysis by the U.S. military contrasts with opinions and conclusions by other analysts and observers who suggest that the Russian military’s capabilities have been severely impaired by the conflict in Ukraine.

“The Russian military is more active than we have seen in years,” stated General Chris Cavoli, a senior NATO and U.S. official responsible for operations in Europe regarding Moscow’s underwater capabilities.

According to him, Russian submarine patrols in the Atlantic are at an all-time high, matching the intense rivalry between the two sides during the Cold War decades ago.

“All of this is happening while they (Russia) are involved in the conflict in Ukraine,” he said.

General Cavoli’s analysis offers the clearest warning yet to the United States and its allies about the threat posed by Russia to Washington and Western nations supporting Ukraine.

Virginia-class submarines of the United States Navy


A few months ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin heightened concerns among Western nations by deploying his surface warships, including some equipped with hypersonic missiles, to the Atlantic.

The hypersonic missiles are capable of defeating U.S. air defense systems with their extreme speed.

Previously, U.S. media outlets quoted senior U.S. Navy officials expressing “concern” over the increased “appearances” of Russian nuclear-powered submarines in the coastal waters of the country.

According to these officials, the frequency of these appearances has been on the rise recently.

As reported, the heightened frequency of appearances of Russian nuclear-powered submarines off the U.S. coast, as stated by senior U.S. military officials, poses a security threat to the nation. — DSA