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Palestinian Armed Groups Infiltrate and “Seize” Cities, Settlements in Southern Israel.

Palestinian media sources also report that approximately 35 Israeli soldiers and civilians have been successfully captured by Palestinian fighters so far and taken into the Gaza Strip and probably used for "negotiations."

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have confirmed that Palestinian armed groups now control several towns and settlements in southern Israel near the Gaza-Israel border, following Palestinian well-executed dan coordinated armed infiltration earlier today.

Palestinian media sources also report that approximately 35 Israeli soldiers and civilians have been  captured by Palestinian fighters so far and taken into the Gaza Strip.

There is a possibility that these “prisoners of war” will be used by Palestinian armed groups in negotiations with Israeli authorities after this recent armed conflict comes to an end.

In addition to the captives, reports from Israeli media confirm that many Israeli soldiers and civilians were killed in an attack by Palestinian armed groups that infiltrated southern Israel early this morning.

Earlier in the morning, hundreds of armed Palestinian militants infiltrated southern Israel early in the morning using various vehicles, including paragliders, and attacked Israeli security positions.

Palestinian armed groups destroyed a ‘Merkava 3″ owned is Israel Defence Force. (socmed)


At the same time, Palestinian armed groups launched thousands of rockets into Israel, hitting residential areas and state-owned industrial facilities, causing significant fires in several towns.

Israeli media reports indicate that approximately 22 Israeli residents were killed, while more than 500 others were injured, with many of them suffering severe injuries due to rocket attacks launched by Palestinian armed groups.

Rocket attacks are still ongoing as of now.

Reports also state that in these swift and organized attacks, Palestinian fighters have captured several military bases and installations of the Israeli forces in Erez, located near the Gaza-Israel border, after intense battles with Israeli troops guarding them.

 Four Israeli soldiers are reported to have been killed in the attack on their base in the border area, with some being taken captive and brought to the Gaza Strip.


It is also said that Palestinian armed groups have captured several Israeli main battle tanks, “Merkava 3,” and “Namer” armored vehicles inside the captured Israeli military bases.

 Israeli military vehicles like Humvees and MRAPs have also been captured by Palestinian armed groups and taken back to the Gaza Strip.

Viral videos on social media show an Israeli Merkava 3 armored tank operating on the Gaza-Israel border burning after being hit by anti-tank weapons used by Palestinian fighters.

 Images of severely injured Israeli armored vehicle crews have also gone viral on social media, with armed Palestinian fighters seen transporting them to the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared in a statement that the country is in a state of war and has mobilized 10,000 reserve troops.


Netanyahu also stated that Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups would regret their actions today because the Israeli military would act to reclaim the “captured” towns and Jewish settlements in the southern part of the country.

At this time, Israel has begun launching airstrikes on the Gaza Strip. — DSA



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