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Only 17 From 87 Participants Managed To Pass Basic PASKAL’s Course

This scenario serves as evidence that PASKAL is a force that prioritizes quality to ensure that only deserving members can be rightfully conferred the title of a PASKAL member, aligning with the motto, "Always the Best."

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — Only 17 out of the 87 trainers who participated in the Basic PASKAL (Naval Special Forces Royal Malaysian Navy) course Series 73/23 have successfully completed the final course, thereby demonstrating that the special forces prioritize quality among their members.

According to a statement on social media by the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) today, the course commenced on September 11, 2023, with the participation of 87 trainees, including one RMN Officer, 77 other RMN members, and nine members of the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA).

“After going through five stages of training, only 17 trainers, comprising 14 RMN members and three MMEA members, successfully passed the final examination of this course.

“This scenario proves that PASKAL is a force that prioritizes quality in ensuring members are truly qualified to be called PASKAL members in line with the motto, ‘Always the Best,’ and to be one of the best elite force members, bringing pride to the RMN.”

PASKAL is RMN’s special force unit, similar to US Navy SEAL, which are trained to undertake various combat mission.



RMN chief Admiral Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Ayob expressed his appreciation in his speech to the Special Naval Special Forces Command Headquarters for their efforts and commitment in producing highly skilled and respected PASKAL members.

He was also honored with the PASKAL Honor Beret in a ceremony aboard the Royal Ship PANGLIMA GARANG, Royal Malaysian Navy Base (TLDM) Lumut, Perak, today.

 The 14th PASKAL Honor Beret award was presented to the RMN chief a to recognize his leadership, contributions, and services in the development of operational and training capabilities, infrastructure, equipment, and organizational development of PASKAL.

Following the PASKAL Honor Beret presentation, the RMN chief inaugurated the Assault Course named Assault Course ARBA 1989, newly constructed with the aim of enhancing the physical and mental capabilities of PASKAL members to the maximum level.

The construction of this obstacle course began in September 2023 with a total cost of RM439,410.60.

It consists of 13 obstacles with a circuit distance of 1.15 kilometers.


This obstacle course emphasizes the upper body strength aspect synonymous with PASKAL tasks that require high endurance and challenge. In addition, the facility can further enhance the unique capabilities possessed by TLDM.

In a separate statement, the obstacles and track constructed are on par with international special forces standards such as SEAL and Foreign Legion.

The Assault Course, located at PASKAL Hut, exceeds 1km with an elevation gain of up to 160 meters.

The aspiration to create an obstacle course that meets mission requirements was initiated by TLDM personnel in 2021.



After feasibility and safety studies, construction began in stages in 2022 and was fully completed at the end of last year.

The new dimensions of this Assault Course site will be adapted at other TLDM bases in stages, in line with the TLDM’s 3K policy, which emphasizes Fitness, Discipline, and Good Health among Navy People. – DSA

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