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Iran Deploys Powerful Russian-Made Avtobaza-M EW System aka “Drone Killer” to Defend Tehran

The high-powered Avtobaza electronic warfare system, operated by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), is highly feared by Western military observers due to its claimed success in "defeating" the secret U.S. drone, RQ-170 "Sentinel," in 2011.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — Iran has reportedly deployed the powerful electronic warfare system, “Avtobaza-M,” in various areas around its capital, Tehran, in preparation for possible retaliatory strikes from Israel and the United States.

The deployment of this high-powered electronic warfare system follows similar reports from a few days ago stating that Iran also deployed its short-range air defense system, Zoubin, dubbed “Iran’s Iron Dome,” around the capital.

The Avtobaza-M EW system, operated by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), is highly feared by Western military observers due to its claimed success in “defeating” a secret U.S. drone in 2011.

 Iran had acquired the Avtobaza system from Russia approximately six months before its notable achievement in “capturing” the U.S. stealth drone.

Tensions between Iran and Israel have escalated following Israeli fighter jets bombing an Iranian embassy building in Damascus, Syria, killing three high-ranking Iranian military officials.

The “Avtobaza” Electronic Warfare System Deployed to Protect the City of Tehran.


 Iran is also actively preparing for anticipated retaliatory attacks from Israel and the United States should it launch an attack on Israel in response to Tel Aviv’s previous air strike on its embassy in Syria.

Today, the IRGC command seized a container ship, “MSC Aries,” linked to Israeli billionaire Eyal Ofer, while it was navigating the Strait of Hormuz, which heighten the risk of an all-out war between Israel and Iran.

The Avtobaza-M system, acquired from Russia and known as a “drone killer,” is believed to be responsible for downing the U.S. RQ-170 “Sentinel” stealth drone in November 2011.

At the time, this was considered a significant victory for Iran, capturing a secret U.S. stealth drone dubbed “The Beast of Kandahar” for its exploits in Afghanistan,  while it was conducting a surveillance operation approximately 225 km inside Iranian territory.


Iranian officials inspecting RQ-170 “Sentinel” drone.


The capture of the RQ-170 “Sentinel” provided the Iranian military with invaluable opportunities to closely examine the stealth drone technology and allowed Iranian scientists to conduct “reverse engineering” on the “Sentinel,” which is still classified by the Pentagon at that time.

The Russian-made Avtobaza system, operated by Iran, is designed to detect continuous emissions from air and sea radars, signals from the TACAN (Tactical Air Navigation System), and various other electronic systems used by military platforms.

Avtobaza is an ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) system capable of detecting drones and aircraft through the electronic signals they emit, with a detection range of up to 400 km. — DSA