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Indonesia Acquires Two Multi-Role Patrol Ships from Italy Worth RM5.9 Billion

According to the Italian company Fincantieri, the Pattugliatori Polivalenti d’Altura (PPA) multi-purpose offshore patrol vessels are flexible ships with advanced technology, capable of performing various functions, from patrolling to sea rescue missions, as well as civil defense and combat missions.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — The Indonesian Ministry of Defense and Italy’s Fincantieri have signed a contract worth €1.18 billion (RM5.9 billion) for the acquisition of two multi-role offshore patrol vessels of the Pattugliatori Polivalenti d’Altura (PPA) class for the Southeast Asian country’s navy.

According to the Italian shipbuilder, Fincantieri, the PPA-class offshore patrol vessles are versatile and incorporate advanced technology.

They are capable of performing various functions, from patrolling to search and rescue missions at sea, as well as civil defense and engagement in combat missions.

The two vessels to be acquired by Indonesia were previously built for the Italian Navy and are undergoing construction work at the Integrated Shipyard in Riva Trigoso-Muggiano, the European country.

The Italian Navy plans to have six multi-role offshore patrol vesels of the PPA class by 2026, with two of these ships already in service with the country’s navy.

ITS Francesco Morosini
“ITS Francesco Morosini” of the Italian Navy.


The first PPA-class patrol ship for the Italian Navy was built in 2017.

According to Fincantieri, Indonesia’s interest in the PPA-class patrol ships was sparked through the deployment of the Italian Navy’s second PPA-class ship, the Francesco Morosini, on a voyage to the Far East, which included a stopover in Indonesia in July 2023.

The Francesco Morosini also visited Malaysia to participate in the LIMA 2023 exhibition in Langkawi Island in May last year, but apparently failed to attract the attention of the Malaysian Ministry of Defense and Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN).

The acquisition of two PPA-class offshore patrol vessels by Indonesia is expected to further stimulate cooperation and synergy in operations, industry, and technology between Jakarta and Rome.

“Both PPA-class patrol ships will support Indonesia’s efforts in defending its interests and contributing to stability in the Indo-Pacific,” the company stated.

ITS Francesco Morosini

The multi-role offshore patrol vessel Francesco Morosini has a total weight of 6,400 tons and a length of 143 meters, with a crew capacity of 170.

The PPA-class multi-role patrol vessel is capable of sailing at a speed of 32 knots and is equipped with anti-ship guided missiles Teseo/Otomat Mk-2/E and air defense guided missiles CAMM-ER or SCALP ER.

The Francesco Morosini also carries an SH90 helicopter. – DSA