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(VIDEO) Greece, Cyprus, France Block EU from Purchasing Turkish Drones, Missiles for Ukraine

(VIDEO) Greece, Cyprus, and France have expressed their opposition to the use of European Union financial resources for the purchase of Bayraktar TB2 drones and artillery shells from Turkey to be supplied to Ukraine.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — Greece, Cyprus, and France have reportedly blocked the European Union (EU) from financing the acquisition of Bayraktar TB2 drones and artillery shells from Turkey for Ukraine.

According to a report from, these three nations, which have strained relations with Turkey, vetoed the proposal to use the European Peace Fund to finance the purchases during a meeting of the EU’s Political and Security Committee last week.

The veto action by Greece, Cyprus, and France was supported by the majority of EU member states.

These countries opposed the use of EU financial resources to buy Bayraktar TB2 drones and artillery shells from Turkey.

Diplomatic sources in Brussels, described as the de facto capital of the EU, indicated that the permanent delegations of Greece and Cyprus had been aware for some time that Turkey would receive orders for weapons and drones financed by EU funds for emergency use, as reported by the news portal.

Once the order for the Bayraktar TB2 drones and artillery shells to Turkey was confirmed, the permanent delegations from Greece, Cyprus, and France swiftly moved to block the action.

They argued that EU financial resources should be used to purchase weapons made by member states of the union, noting that Turkey is not an EU member.

Greek media reports suggest that the Greek government’s decision was influenced by a desire to ensure European defense autonomy and a reluctance to support the Turkish defense industry.

Meanwhile, France justified its stance by stating that European funds should be used effectively and solely to support Europeans.

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However, no European member states are capable of supplying the military equipment needed by Ukraine as swiftly as the Turkish defense industry can.

The European Peace Fund, financed by EU member states with Germany being the largest contributor, has been reported not to face opposition from Germany for using its resources to purchase Turkish-made weapons to assist the Ukrainian military. — DSA