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Pakistan Test Launch “Ghauri/Hatf-v” Ballistic Missile, Capable of Hitting Targets 1,500km Away.

The "Ghauri/Hatf-v" ballistic missile has been part of Pakistan's military arsenal for multiple decades and serves as a pivotal strategic asset in the nation's efforts to counter potential threats, particularly from its historical adversary, with which it has experienced conflicts on multiple occasions, India.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — A few days ago, Pakistan conducted a test launch of the medium-range ballistic missile “Ghauri,” which has the capability to hit targets up to 1,500km away.

The guided ballistic missile, which has been in the possession of the Pakistani military since 1998, can be equipped with both conventional and nuclear warheads.

This test marks Pakistan’s missile launch within a span of 10 days.

The “Ghauri/Hatf-v” ballistic missile has been in Pakistan’s military arsenal for several years and is a strategic asset for the country in ensuring its ability to counter threats.

With a range of 1,500km, the “Ghauri” ballistic missile allows Pakistan to target areas far beyond its borders.


“The main purpose of the launch test is to assess the operational and technical readiness of the Pakistan Army Strategic Force Command,” according to a statement by the Pakistan Army.

The ballistic missile launch test was witnessed by senior Pakistan Army officials, scientists, and defense engineers.

This launch is part of Pakistan’s ongoing efforts to enhance its military technology capabilities and ensure its armed forces are always prepared.

It also demonstrates Pakistan’s commitment to maintaining its military strength.

While specific details about the ballistic missile launch test are limited, it underscores Pakistan’s continued efforts to improve its military capabilities.


The success of the “Ghauri” ballistic missile launch reaffirms Pakistan’s ability to safeguard its security interests and deter potential threats.

The “Ghauri” ballistic missile is currently the only liquid-fueled guided missile in Pakistan’s military inventory and requires careful preparation before launch.

 The Pakistani military has taken steps to replace the “Shaheen” solid-fueled ballistic missile, which is easier to launch. — DSA



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