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Britain has “Run Out” of Weapons to Donate to Ukraine.

A senior British official revealed to the nation's newspapers that they have "run out of" weapons to donate to Ukraine and called on other Western countries to increase their "contributions" to Kiev.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — Britain has run out of military equipment to send to Ukraine to assist the Eastern European country in dealing with the Russian military invasion in its southern regions.

A senior British military official who revealed this to the nation’s Daily Mail newspaper, called on other countries to increase their military contributions to help Ukraine.

At this time, according to the official, Kiev needs air defense systems and artillery ammunition to enable it to move forward in the next phase of the war with Russia.

However, the senior British military official stated that the supplies of air defense systems and artillery ammunition for Ukraine have already run out and cannot be provided.

“We (British) have given everything we can,” said the senior British military official to the newspaper.

Storm Shadow
Britain also provided the “Storm Shadow” cruise missile to Ukraine.


The statement from the senior British military official comes after former British Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace called for the country to increase its military aid to Ukraine by £2 billion (RM10 billion), which is 50 percent more than what it has contributed thus far.

Wallace noted that Britain is no longer the largest contributor of military aid to Ukraine in Europe, as Germany has taken the lead.

Wallace suggested that with increased Western military aid to Ukraine, they could end the conflict and “drive” Russian forces back to their home country.

Contrary to the statement made by the former British Defense Secretary, the senior British military official argued that Britain should not be responsible for providing military aid to Ukraine because they have run out of military equipment.

Current British Secretary of Defense Grant Schapps reportedly stated that the country would continue to provide thousands of artillery shells to Ukraine.


The senior British military official also stated that the country’s military no longer has any Challenger 2 armored vehicles to donate to Ukraine because the Challenger 2 tanks need to be upgraded to the Challenger 3 variant.

As one of the strongest supporters of Ukraine, Britain has previously donated 14 Challenger 2 armored vehicles to Kiev.

 However, one of these British-donated Challenger 2 tanks was recently destroyed after being hit by a Russian military-fired cooking pot, according to Western military sources.

 After becoming immobilized due to the cooking pot attack, the British pride Challenger 2 tank was then reportedly shot by a Russian “Lancet” drone, causing it to catch fire.

However, the tank crew managed to escape.


Videos on social media have circulated showing the burning of the advanced British-made Challenger 2 tank weighing 69 tons on the side of the road in the battle zone in Robotyne, Zaphorizia region in southern Ukraine, where intense clashes between the two military forces have been witnessed.

The destruction of the British defense industry’s pride, the Challenger 2 tank, has been confirmed by weapons monitors in Ukraine such as the Ukraine Weapons Tracker and Oryx.

 However, there has been no official statement from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. — DSA



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