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US F-16C Fighter Jet Downs Turkish ANKA-S Drone in Syria.

Reports say that the Turkish ANKA-S drone was shot down by American F-16C Block 40 fighter jets because it was too close to the US military base in northern Hasakah, a volatile area in Syria. Both Turkey and the United States are NATO member countries.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) – An unmanned aerial vehicle “ANKA-S” owned by Turkey has been shot down, believed to be by a US fighter jets while the drone was conducting operations in Syrian airspace.

Reports suggest that the drone was brought down by American F-16C Block 40 fighter jets because it was too close to their military position in northern Hasakah, a volatile region in the Middle East.

Both Turkey and the United States are NATO member countries.

“The ANKA-S drone is said to have entered the restricted airspace of Hasakah. It was approximately 500 meters away from the US military position before it was shot down by their fighter jets,” according to media reports circulating at the moment.

The US military position is located in Tel Beidar in northern Hasakah, and according to reports, the American military personnel requested assistance from their fighter jets to deal with the Turkish drone when it was found to be too close to them.

Debris of ANKA-S drone after it was alleged to be shot down by US fighter jet in Syria. (socmed)


Images of the wreckage of the Turkish ANKA-S drone shot down by American fighter jets have been circulating on social media platforms like X (formerly known as Twitter) and Telegram.

Reports indicate that the American F-16C Block 40 fighter jets are based at the Muwaffaq al-Salti Air Base in Jordan and were armed with AIM-120 AMRAAM air-to-air guided missiles.

Previously, claims had suggested that the American fifth-generation F-35A fighter jets were responsible for shooting down the Turkish ANKA-S drone.

The ANKA-S drone was said to be conducting security operations against Kurdish terrorist groups, namely the PKK/YPG, in coordination with other Turkish security forces before it was shot down.

The Turkish military had launched a massive airstrike against 30 key targets associated with PKK/YPG terrorist groups supported by the US government.

US troops camp in Tel Beidar, Hasakah in Syria.
US F-16 fighter aircraft.


Reports also stated that the Turkish military had conducted operations against the positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northern Syria.

The Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) are set to become users of the ANKA-S drone, similar to the one shot down in northern Syria.

During the LIMA 2023 exhibition in Langkawi last May, the Ministry of Defense signed an agreement to acquire three Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) drone systems “ANKA-S” developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI). Malaysia is expected to start receiving the ANKA-S drones in 2025. — DSA



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