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(VIDEO) Watch: Hezbollah Suicide Drone Attack Injures 18 Israeli Soldiers, Six Seriously

(VIDEO) A video captured by civilians shows one of two suicide drones launched by Hezbollah fighters swiftly descending and striking a community center, which also serves as an Israeli military headquarters, in the Arab village of al-Aramshe. The attack resulted in injuries to 18 Israeli soldiers.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — Residents in northern Israel captured video footage of a daring drone attack launched by the armed group Hezbollah on a community center being used as a military headquarters in a northern Israeli village during a gathering of Israeli military personnel.

 The video, recorded by civilians, shows one of two suicide drones deployed by Hezbollah fighters rapidly descending and striking the community center in the Arab village of al-Aramshe, injuring 18 Israeli soldiers.

The type of suicide drones used by Hezbollah fighters remains unidentified, though they are likely supplied by Iran.

The village of al-Aramshe is located not far from the Israel-Lebanon border.

 According to the Israeli military, which confirmed the incident, six of the 18 injured Israeli soldiers suffered severe injuries.

Hezbollah issued a statement shortly after the drone attack, stating that the attack targeted the community center because it had been used by the Israeli military for gatherings and meetings.

Hebrew-language Israeli media reported: “Hezbollah fighters identified the location where Israeli troops were assembling and launched a complex attack involving two anti-tank guided missile strikes and two suicide drone strikes.”

Israeli media reports also stated that one of the anti-tank guided missiles launched by Hezbollah fighters hit an Israeli military vehicle, but it is unclear whether it resulted in deaths or injuries.

Images from the scene showed a burning vehicle.

Israeli military helicopters rushed to the scene to transport injured personnel to the hospital, in what they described as a serious attack incident on their personnel and infrastructure since the conflict erupted.


The community center in the Arab village of al-Aramshe, targeted by Hezbollah’s suicide drones, had reportedly been converted into an Israeli military company headquarters and gathering site.

Meanwhile, Israel’s Kann TV station reported that no sirens were heard as Hezbollah’s suicide drones flew through the airspace of the village on their mission to strike the community center repurposed as an Israeli military headquarters.

The Israeli military did not launch any missiles from its “Iron Dome” air defense system to intercept the Hezbollah-launched suicide drones.

Israeli media also confirmed that Hezbollah’s suicide drones hit their target precisely without being intercepted by the country’s air defense system. — DSA