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Two RMN FIC G2000 MkII Combat Boats Now in Sandakan, Strengthening East Sabah Coastal Patrols

According to the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN), all four of the Fast Interceptor Craft (FIC) G2000 MK II combat boats will be stationed at the Naval Region 2 Headquarters (MAWILLA 2) in Sandakan. This deployment is intended to bolster maritime security levels, particularly in the waters of Eastern Sabah, in addition to serving as complementary assets or force multipliers for the RMN.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — Two of the four new Fast Interceptor Craft (FIC) G2000 MK II, officially received by the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) in February, are currently stationed at the Naval Region 2 Headquarters (MAWILLA 2) in Sandakan.

The arrival of these two combat vessels aims to strengthen patrols in the East Sabah coastal waters.

Their deployment to the Sandakan Base Jetty was formalized by the Commander of Region 2, as stated by the Naval Region 2 Headquarters’ social media account.

All four FIC G2000 MKII vessels were accepted by the RMN during a ceremony attended by the Minister of Defence, Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin, at the Eastern Fleet Headquarters in Kota Kinabalu Naval Base last February.

These four FIC G2000 MK II, developed by Gading Marine Industry Sdn Bhd, are part of a total of 13 high-speed boats acquired by the RMN.



According to RMN, these four FIC G2000 MK II vessels will be based in MAWILLA 2, Sandakan, to enhance maritime security levels, especially in the waters of Eastern Sabah, and to serve as force multipliers for the RMN.

The first phase of this procurement project was entirely constructed in Sitiawan, Perak, and completed within 16 months.

The overall acquisition involves 13 FIC G2000 Mk II units in three phases, to be carried out in stages.

 Each 18-meter long FIC G2000 Mk II is equipped with an Escribano Remote Control Weapon Station (RCWS) that enables automatic firing of CANiK M2 Quick Change Barrel (QCB) 12.7mm Heavy Machine Guns (HMG).

Additionally, the FIC MkII is outfitted with more powerful engines, utilizing 2x MAN V12 1650HP engines and 2x Hamilton water jets for propulsion, allowing these 18-meter vessels to reach speeds of up to 52 knots, compared to the 50 knots of the FIC MkI.



The operational radius of the FIC MkII is 350 Nautical Miles at a speed of 35 knots.

Designed to carry five crew members and eight military personnel, the FIC MkII is equipped for various missions including coastal patrol (surveillance), interception, clandestine missions, search and rescue operations, and rapid response.

 These vessels will also feature an ECS system, radar, GPS, and a Machinery Control System.

According to Admiral Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Ayob, the RMN Chief, these FIC vessels will support operations to more effectively address non-traditional and asymmetric threats such as cross-border crime, smuggling, human trafficking, sea robbery, and piracy, endangering national maritime security.



“These FICs are specially designed for efficiency, speed, and precision to allow the RMN to act swiftly in preventing such activities in our waters,” he stated.

In February 2021, the RMN received six FIC G2000 Mk I, also constructed by the same company. However, these FIC G2000 MKI vessels did not come equipped with Remote Control Weapon Stations (RCWS). — DSA