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(VIDEO) All Russia’s Admiral Gorshkov-Class Frigates to be Armed with Hypersonic “Tsirkon” Missiles

(VIDEO) The inclusion of hypersonic guided missiles "Tsirkon" on the Admiral Gorshkov-class frigates signifies a new generation of naval vessels within the Russian Navy, equipped with the capability to undertake a diverse range of tasks and missions. These frigates are designed for long-range attacks, anti-submarine warfare, and escort duties.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — Russian Navy Commander Admiral Nikolai Evmenov has confirmed the potential outfitting of all 10 Admiral Gorshkov-class frigates with hypersonic guided missiles,  “Tsirkon” (Zircon).

The Admiral Gorshkov-class frigates represent a new generation of versatile naval vessels capable of executing various tasks and missions, including long-range attacks, anti-submarine warfare, and escort duties.

The Russian Navy recently commissioned its third Admiral Gorshkov-class frigate, named “Admiral Golovko,” which has been officially equipped with the hypersonic Tsirkon missiles.

 Admiral Golovko successfully conducted a series of tests launching the Tsirkon hypersonic guided missiles.

This frigate is the third in the Admiral Gorshkov-class (Project 22350) to be operational in the Russian Navy, following the Admiral Gorshkov and Admiral Kasatonov.

Seven more Admiral Gorshkov-class frigates are currently undergoing various stages of construction.

In 2020, General Valery Gerasimov, Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, reported that Tsirkon guided missiles had been launched from the Admiral Gorshkov frigate in the White Sea, hitting a target in the Barents Sea approximately 450 km away.

 He noted that the hypersonic missiles reached a speed of Mach 8 and an altitude of 28 km.

The Admiral Gorshkov frigate is the first to be equipped with the Tsirkon hypersonic guided missiles.

Developed by NPO-Machinostroeniya, the Tsirkon is reputed to achieve speeds of Mach 9 with an effective range exceeding 1,000 km.

 With such speed, the guided missile, carrying between 300 kg and 400 kg of explosive material, can engage targets up to 1,000 km away within a mere 7 minutes. Additionally, it can be equipped with a nuclear payload.

The 3M22 Zircon also spelled as 3M22 Tsirkon is a scramjet-powered maneuvering anti-ship hypersonic cruise missile produced by Russia, for the Russian Navy which has launch platforms on frigates and submarines.

Tsirkon is believed to be a maneuvering, winged hypersonic cruise missile with a lift-generating center body. A booster stage with solid-fuel engines accelerates it to supersonic speeds, after which a scramjet motor with liquid-fuel (JP-10 jet fuel) in the second stage accelerates it to hypersonic speeds.

Meanwhile, the Admiral Gorshkov-class frigates are designed to handle surface vessels and submarines while countering aerial threats. Russian military sources indicate the application of stealth technology in the construction of these warships, making them appear virtually nonexistent to enemy radar.

These warships weigh 5,000 tons, have a length of 135 meters, a speed of 29 knots, and accommodate a crew of 135 individuals.

The frigates also carry KA-27 helicopters.

“Tsirkon” developed by NPO Mashinostroyenia.
An Admiral Gorshkov-class frigate launched a “Tsirkon” hypersonic missile during training recently.


Developed by the Severnoye Design Bureau, the Admiral Gorshkov-class frigates represent the most modern frigates in the Russian Navy, incorporating stealth technology in their construction.

In addition to the Tsirkon missiles, these frigates are capable of launching Kalibr and Oniks guided missiles. — DSA


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