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Russia Claims Its S-400 Triumf Air Defence System “Triumphed Over” Western Systems

According to Rosoboronexport's CEO Alexander Mikheyev, the S-400 air defense system is capable of shooting down ballistic missiles from a distance of 60 kilometers and can engage other aerodynamic air targets, such as fighter jets, from up to 400 kilometers away.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — Russia is reportedly aggressively marketing its S-400 “Triumf” air defense system in the Middle East, claiming it to be the premier air defense system available in the market today.

According to Rosoboronexport’s CEO Alexander Mikheyev, the long-range S-400 air defense system surpasses Western-made air defense systems.

“Several countries have expressed their interest in protecting their territories and critical infrastructure from potential aerial threats,” he stated, adding that these nations aim to enhance their air defense capabilities.

 Compared to Western air defense systems, Mikheyev noted that Western systems possess exceptional capabilities to intercept ballistic missiles and aerodynamic missiles in actual conflict scenarios.

He mentioned that the S-400 system can shoot down ballistic missiles from 60 km away and aerodynamic air targets like fighter jets from 400 km.

S-400 “Triumf”


A unique feature of the S-400 air defense system is its anti-aircraft missiles, such as the 48N6E3, capable of addressing ballistic threats and aerodynamic targets at various altitudes.

The S-400’s radar system can detect and track air targets up to 600 km away.

Mikheyev highlighted that in various military operations, modern Western defense systems have nearly failed to address ballistic targets 100 percent of the time.

Recently, it was reported that the latest variant of the S-400 air defense system would utilize the upgraded 40N6E interceptor missile, which has proven its effectiveness in the current conflict in Ukraine.

“The S-400 air defense system now employs the 40N6E interceptor missile capable of hitting targets at greater distances, making it the most advanced system in the world, equipped with a unique homing head capability.”

 According to defense media sources in Russia, the S-400 system, paired with the 40N6E missile and the A-50U early warning aircraft, can engage targets, including high-speed moving targets at low altitudes.

The Russian Defense Ministry plans to acquire over 1,000 of its latest 40N6 interceptor missiles in the coming years.

The new interceptor missile 40N6 equipping the S-400 “Triumf” air defence system


Despite concerns that Russia might face difficulties delivering its weapons to foreign customers due to strict Western economic sanctions, these fears have proven to be unfounded.

Mikheyev stated that the delivery of the S-400 air defense system to India has proceeded smoothly and has never been halted.

He mentioned that the contract has been executed as agreed by both parties.

 In 2018, India signed a deal worth US$5.4 billion (RM25.7 billion) with Russia to acquire the S-400 air defense system, with recent reports indicating that New Delhi has deployed three squadrons of the Russian-made system along its border with China.

 In total, India is believed to have ordered five squadrons of the S-400 air defense system, with the remaining two squadrons positioned along its border with its traditional rival, Pakistan. — DSA