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Russian Subs in Atlantic ‘More Active Than We’ve Seen Them in Years’ — U.S General

"The Russian military is more active than what we have seen in recent years," stated General Chris Cavoli, a senior NATO and U.S. official responsible for operations in Europe, regarding Moscow's underwater capabilities.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — Russia has significantly elevated its submarine presence in the Atlantic to a much higher level than in previous years, according to analysis by senior United States military officials responsible for operations in Europe.

Analysts assert that Russia has deployed 11 of its nuclear-powered submarines for patrols in the Atlantic Ocean.

This analysis by a high-ranking U.S military officers contradicts opinions and conclusions from other analysts and observers who claim that Russia’s military capabilities have been severely impacted by the conflict in Ukraine.

“The Russian military is more active than what we have seen in recent years,” stated General Chris Cavoli, a senior NATO and U.S. official responsible for operations in Europe, regarding Moscow’s underwater capabilities.

Submarine patrols by Russian submarines in the Atlantic are at an all-time high, surpassing levels observed in previous years.


“All of this is happening while they [Russia] are involved in the conflict in Ukraine,” he added.

General Cavoli’s analysis serves as a clear warning to the United States and its allies about the threat posed by Russia to Washington and Western countries supporting Ukraine.

A few months ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin heightened concerns among Western nations by deploying surface warships, some equipped with hypersonic guided missiles, to the Atlantic Ocean.

These Russian hypersonic missiles have the capability to challenge U.S. air defense systems.

Earlier reports from U.S. Navy officials expressed “concerns” about the increased “presence” of Russian nuclear-powered submarines in the coastal waters of the United States in recent times.

Selam Russia
Russia’s Severodvinsk-class submarine


According to them, Russian submarines have become more frequent in their “appearances” lately.

The heightened frequency of the “appearances” of Russian nuclear-powered submarines in U.S. coastal waters poses a security threat to the country, as stated by senior U.S. military officials.

This increase in submarine “appearances” persists even as Moscow faces conflict with Ukraine.

The director of the Russia Maritime Studies Institute (RMSI) and an expert on Russia’s maritime capabilities, Michael Peterson said numerous signs indicated that Russia has intensified the deployment of its nuclear-powered submarines in coastal waters off the United States.

The deployment of both conventional and nuclear-powered submarines is not only targeted at U.S. coastal areas but also extends to the Mediterranean and around Europe.

Russia’s Severodvinsk-class nuclear submarine launched a missile during training.


Peterson noted that Moscow’s current actions mirror those of the Soviet Union during the tensions of the Cold War.

In recent years, Moscow has developed various types of nuclear-powered submarines capable of reaching strategic locations in the United States and Europe.

With an estimated possession of 58 nuclear-powered submarines across multiple classes, Russia’s nuclear-powered underwater assets can be deployed to any location worldwide, including U.S. coastal waters. — DSA


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