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(VIDEO) Pakistan Navy Deploys Its First Spy Ship, PNS Rizwan

(VIDEO) In addition to serving as a spy ship, PNS Rizwan also functions as a vessel tasked with gathering data on the launches of ballistic guided missiles, particularly involving countries of interest such as India and Iran.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — Without any publicity or media reports, the Pakistan Navy is reported to have acquired its first spy ship named “PNS Rizwan” obtained from China.

The operation of PNS Rizwan by the Pakistan Navy has been reported by OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) observers who monitor the presence of the ship through satellite images and its movements.

Online tracking of ships, Marine Traffic classifies PNS Rizwan as an offshore supply ship.

Pakistan is reported to have acquired the spy ship from China last year, and its presence was identified when it made a stop at a port in Indonesia last June.

Before arriving in Indonesia, the ship was believed to have been in the coastal areas of Fujian, housing some of China’s earliest state-owned shipyards.

 Although owned by Pakistan, observers believe that China also assists Islamabad in operating the ship to enable them to gather as much intelligence as possible on specific matters.

In addition to acting as a spy ship, PNS Rizwan also operates as a vessel gathering data on ballistic missile launches, particularly concerning countries of interest such as India and Iran.

With an overall length of 87 meters, Pakistan’s spy ship is equipped with three large radomes believed to house high-powered radars and various other sensors at all corners of the ship for the purpose of intercepting various data and intelligence.

International news portal Defense News states that both the Pakistan Navy and the country’s Ministry of Defense declined to comment further on the capabilities of PNS Rizwan when asked.

However, sources reveal that PNS Rizwan is an intelligence gathering ship.


PakistanNevertheless, the existence of the Pakistani Navy’s spy ship PNS Rizwan has placed the East Asian country alongside nations such as the United States, Russia, France, the United Kingdom, China, and India as countries possessing such spy ships.

OSINT observer Symon states that Pakistan’s modernization of its navy is supported by China in line with its strategic interests in the Indian Ocean and efforts to enhance the capabilities of its important ally, Pakistan.

In addition to Pakistan, India also has its own spy ship INS Dhruv, built by Hindustan Shipyard in collaboration with the Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and India’s intelligence agency,

the National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO). Ships like PNS Rizwan and INS Dhruv can play roles as early warning platforms against guided missile launches, particularly nuclear-guided missiles, and gather Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) data. – DSA