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British Army Chief’s Emotional Reaction to Challenger 2 Tank’s Destruction in Ukraine

Recently, social media videos showed the advanced 69-ton British-made tank was engulfed in fire on the battlefield in Robotyne, Zaphorizia region in southern Ukraine, where intense clashes between the two military forces took place.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) – British Army Chief General Patrick Sander has acknowledged that he felt “very emotional” seeing images and video footage of the destruction of the first Challenger 2 main battle tank supplied by Britain to Ukraine.

According to him, military personnel who have operated the Challenger 2 tanks have a strong connection to the vehicles and all the military equipment they have operated.

“There is a possibility that I have been inside that destroyed tank,” he said, describing the Challenger 2 as the world’s best and “most robust” main battle tank.

“Of course, we are now seeing the first Challenger 2 tanks in action on the front lines, and in many ways, the Challenger 2 is the most advanced and undoubtedly the most protected main battle tank in the world,” he said.

The 62-ton Challenger 2 tank that was destroyed was one of the 14 tanks “donated” by Britain to Ukraine.

General Sir Patrick Sanders


In a recent incident, a Challenger 2 tank was destroyed after being hit by a Russian land mines, according to Western military sources.

After becoming immobilized due to the land mines, the British flagship tank was also targeted by a presumably “Lancet” drone, causing it to catch fire.

 However, the tank crew managed to escape.

The British Army General stated that he is proud to see many British weapon systems in operation on the front lines alongside Ukrainian troops.

 “However, what is more important is how we use these weapon systems,” he said.

Recently, the Russian military was reported to have successfully destroyed the “Challenger 2” tank donated by Britain to Ukraine.


 Social media videos showed the advanced 69-ton British-made tank on fire on the battlefield in Robotyne, Zaphorizia region in southern Ukraine, where intense clashes between the two military forces took place.

The destruction of the British defense industry’s flagship tank has been confirmed by weapon monitors in Ukraine such as Ukraine Weapons Tracker and Oryx, but there has been no official statement from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

So far, the Russian military has successfully destroyed the “Leopard-2” tank made in Germany and now the “Challenger-2” tank made in Britain, along with other weapon systems, including Bradley armored vehicles provided by Western countries to Ukraine.

The first-ever destruction of a “Challenger 2” tank in Ukraine has been celebrated by Russian defense bloggers and observers as a symbol of the “defeat” of Western weapon systems at the hands of Russian weaponry.

The “Challenger 2” tank is known for its excellent reputation on the battlefield as it had never been destroyed before, even after serving in Iraq, Kosovo, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Hence, there have been reports stating that Britain had placed strict “conditions” on Ukraine regarding the use of its advanced tanks.

In July, reports emerged that the Ukrainian military faced difficulties introducing the Challenger 2 tank into the battlefield due to various strict conditions imposed by the British government.

Reports stated that the British government had requested guarantees from Ukraine that the Challenger 2 tanks would not be deployed to combat areas out of concern that they might be captured by Russian forces or destroyed by enemy troops, thereby allowing Russia to extract all the “secrets” of Britain’s flagship tank. — DSA



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