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Russia Arms Ka-52M ‘Alligator’ Attack Helicopters With Cutting-Edge All-Around Radar

Russian military analysts also mentioned that with the new all-around radar capability, the Ka-52M attack helicopter can also serve as a reconnaissance helicopter, providing critical target data to other assets on the battlefield.

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(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — Russia is reported to be upgrading its attack helicopters, the Ka-52M “Alligator,” by equipping them with what is referred to as a “ventral all-around radar station” to enable them to engage more targets.

Russian military analysts also stated that with the new radar capability, the Ka-52M attack helicopter can also function as a reconnaissance helicopter and provide critical target data to other assets.

These advanced attack helicopters, equipped with enhanced radar, sensor systems, and weaponry, are reportedly being tested in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

All these systems are designed to operate in all types of weather, day and night, and in electronic warfare environments that can disrupt the capabilities of other attack helicopters.

“The Ka-52M attack helicopter will receive a new all-around radar that operates at centimeter range. With this new capability, the attack helicopter will be able to detect more air and ground targets, including enemy combat aircraft, helicopters, drones, artillery positions, and various others,” said the military analyst to Russian media outlet RIA-Novosti.


The latest variant of the attack helicopter is also equipped with weaponry from Izdeliye 305 (Product 305), which allows it to engage smaller targets, armored vehicles, and heavily protected targets in limited visibility conditions.

Currently, the Ka-52 helicopters are the primary attack helicopters in the Russian Ground Forces’ air fleet in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

According to Russian military analysts, the new Ka-52M variant has shown strong performance during battlefield testing, effectively destroying various Ukrainian military assets.

Recently, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu requested the continued enhancement of these attack helicopters and emphasized crew safety.

The effectiveness of the latest Ka-52 attack helicopter variant has also been acknowledged by the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense, as reported in August.

Ka-52 “Alligator”


 According to the UK Ministry of Defense, the excellence displayed by these attack helicopters has given the Russian military a “temporary advantage” on the battlefield in Russia-Ukraine.

This advantage was achieved after equipping the attack helicopters with long-range anti-armor guided munitions, enhancing their ability to target ground assets, particularly armored military vehicles used by Ukraine in counteroffensive actions.

“Russia now has a temporary advantage in southern Ukraine, especially with its attack helicopters using long-range guided munitions against ground targets,” as per the UK Ministry of Defense report.

Recognizing this temporary advantage on the southern Ukrainian battlefield, the Russian military has increased the number of Ka-52 “Alligator” attack helicopters stationed at Berdyansk airbase.

Western military analysts also highlight the significant role played by these attack helicopters in effectively destroying Ukrainian military armor due to the absence of air protection provided by fighter aircraft like the Su-25 and others.


The Kamov Ka-52 attack helicopter is a two-seat attack helicopter. It is an upgraded version of the extensively used Ka-50 helicopter from the Soviet era.

Development of the Ka-52 began in 1994, with its maiden flight taking place in 1997, and it has been recognized by global military observers as one of the most formidable attack helicopters on the market today.

 Equipped with the Klimov VK-2500 turboshaft engine, the Ka-52 can fly at speeds of up to 300 km/h. — DSA



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